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Chango S2000 Balance Board - S2000 Deluxe

Chango S2000 Balance Board - S2000 Deluxe
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Chango S2000 Balance Board - S2000 Deluxe

The Chango S2000 is two balance boards in one. Balance on the yellow center ball and it's a wobble board, remove the yellow ball and balance on the two wooden balls and it's a rocker board. The platform is handcrafted of laminated wood and measures 15 x 7.5. The board can also be used for calf stretches and push-ups.

  • Two boards in one (rocker and wobble) for sport training.

  • 15" L x 7.5" W

  • Improves balance, coordination and reflexes.

  • Stimulated inner ear develops balance awareness.

  • Designed to improve muscle tone and body alignment



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